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Do you want to know where my friends are right now?

Do you want to let your friends know where you are right now?

How to show my location to my friends
How to see my friends location:

>> Register

1. Go to the "Settings"
2. Fill out all the fields (e.g. email, password, access-code
3. Register

>> Add your friends

1. Click the "+" button to add your friends
2. Select a name on the contact list
3. Click the "Key" button on the name just added to update the access-code
(FYI: before doing this, you need know your friends access-code!)

>> View your friends recent location

1. Click the "Update" button
2. Click the "Map" button

>> Update my current location

1. Go to the "Settings"
2. (Optional) Click the "Refresh" button
3. (Optional) Click the "Map" button to confirm my location is correct
2. Click the "Update My Location" button


How to deny my current location to my friend:


1. Go to the "Settings"
2. Modify the "Access-code"
3. Click the "Update" button